The Video Yearmix 2018


Why crowdfunding?

It has been a while since the last yearmix. This year we want to make a new one! Of course, we do that with love ❤

Asking money to let you watch a yearmix doesn’t feel right. It is not a “product” we want to sell. That made us thinking of a new approach: what if we team up with you and the music industry to create the yearmix? We can all benefit from that!

So what’s the plan? We gave that a lot of thought. To understand where we came from, we have to take a look at the issues we are struggling with:

Copyright claims

The second we upload a yearmix to Youtube or Vimeo the video is removed, we get 50+ copyright claims and risk expensive lawsuits.


If we host the mix on our rented web space, we are responsible for distributing content illegally.


In order to keep The Video Yearmix alive, we need more views. More views = budget to create a mix next year. Youtube is the platform to get those views.


To make a mix we need a lot of time. Mixing is a hobby, but creating a yearmix is more than that. To buy time, we need some budget.

With these problems in mind, we started talking to legal professionals with great knowledge of the music industry. The good news is, that we came up with a plan that might work to get the yearmix back alive!

The plan

Team up!

We team up with labels, artists and you. By doing this, we have permission to use the tracks and video’s for the yearmix. That means no more copyright claims by video platforms and no risk for expensive lawsuits. You can help us to make this happen by donating.

Youtube as platform

When we have permission from the artists, Youtube will be our platform to upload the yearmix. You can watch it everywhere, anytime!

Royalties to the creators

When you create something, you have right to get paid. With the video on Youtube the artist gets paid and we can get fundings for future Yearmixes.


It all starts with fundraising. When we reach our goal we can take the next steps.

With the donations, we can start the legal process to get all the licenses of the songs we put in the mix. In this legal process, there are some one-time-investments like: starting the “yearmix” company, create a bulletproof disclaimer & privacy statement with international laws.

Simultaneously to the legal process, we start creating the yearmix 🙂

When the mix is finnished, we upload it together with the licenses to Youtube.

Sit back & relax! You watch the video and the artist will get the royalties. From those royalties a small percentage will go us for creating the mix. We can use that to cover some costs. The rest will be used for next year!


How will the donations being spend?

The biggest part will go to the legal process to get the licenses for the music and video’s to use. A plan with a lawyer specialized in music rights is being made. But there is more:

  • Starting a company with the right legal form and disclaimers to have a solid foundation towards the future.
  • Buying the music files.
  • The donation plugin on this website.
  • Transaction fee for each donation.

When can we expect the video yearmix 2018?

That depends on many factors. Getting the licenses is very time-consuming. We also have to deal with insecurities like: not getting a license for a certain song or not raising enough money to kick off this project. We will, of course, communicate about the process via our newsletter, on this page and through our Facebook page.

How do I know the payment is safe?

Payments are handled by well known companies:

  • Paypal
  • Ideal / Bank Transfer via Mollie
  • Credit Card via Stripe

Can I donate more than once?

Ofcourse you can! We will be very grateful for that 🙏

I am using a different currency. Can I make a donation?

Yes! The amount will be automaticly converted at check out.

Why is the minimum amount set to €5?

This is to cover the transaction fee for the payment platform and international rates which are charged for the transactions.

Can I make a donation that is not for The Video Yearmix?

Not right now. Eventually all donations will be used for this project.

What if Youtube changes their policy and the video gets removed?

We can’t tell you what the future might bring, but as a backup solution we will upload the video to another platform like Vimeo and on this website.

What if there aren't enough donations

We will do our best to motivate as much people as we can to make donations and contribute as a yearmix lover. We will bring a lot time and effort in running this project and making a mix. If necessary we might pay for the difference.

I donated, but I want my money back, How?

Well they say given is given, but if you really don’t want to support the project anymore we can make an exception. The amount being returned will be minus the transaction fee that we have to pay. Contact us here.

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