The Video Yearmix 2013

December 29, 2014


1. Intro
2. Miley Cyrus – We Can’t Stop
3. Wax – Rosana
4. Lorde – Royals
5. Drake – Started From The Bottom
6. Mr Probz – Waves
7. Katy Perry – RoarYilvis
8. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Wanz – Thrift Shop
9. Eminem – Berzerk
10. Major Lazer – Bubble Butt (ft. Bruno Mars, 2 Chainz, Tyga & Mystic)
11. P!nk ft. Nate Ruess – Just Give Me A Reason
12. Jason Derulo feat. 2 Chainz – Talk Dirty
13. Little Mix ft. Missy Elliott – How Ya Doin’?
14. Drake ft. Majid Jordan – Hold On, We’re Going Home
15. Chris Brown ft. Nicki Mina – Love More
16. Chris Brown – Fine China
17. Justin Timberlake ft. JAY Z – Suit & Tie
18. Taylor Swift – 22¬
19. Olly Murs ft. Flo Rida – Troublemaker
20. Major Lazer ft. Busy Signal, The Flexican & FS Green – Watch Out For This (Bumaye)
21. Eminem ft. Rihanna – The Monster
22. Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams – Get Lucky
23. Disclosure ft. AlunaGeorge – White Noise
24. Stromae – Papaoutai
25. Robin Thicke ft. T.I., Pharrell – Blurred Lines
26. Awolnation – Sail
27. Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball
28. Chris Malinchak – So Good To Me
29. Disclosure ft. Sam Smith – Latch
30. Klangkarussell – Sonnentanz
31. Breach – Jack
32. Infinity Ink – Infinity
33. Disclosure – When a Fire Starts To Burn
34. Duke Dumont ft. A-M-E – Need U
35. John Newman – Love Me Again
36. Avicii – Hey Brother
37. Flo Rida – Let It Roll
38. Bakermat – Vandaag
39. Calvin Harris ft. Ayah Marar – Thinking About You
40. Avicii – You Make Me
41. PSY – Gentleman
42. Dirtcaps & The Million Plan – Money On My Mind
43. Disclosure ft. Eliza Doolittle – You & Me
44. Icona Pop ft. Charli XCX – I Love It
45. Lana Del Rey – Summertime Sadness (Cedric Gervais Remix)
46. Yilvis – The Fox
47. Sub Focus – Turn Back Time
48. Bingo Players ft. Far East Movement – Get Up (Rattle)
49. ft. Justin Bieber – #thatPOWER
50. De Kraaien – Ik Vind Je Lekker
51. Showtek ft. We Are Loud & Sonny Wilson – Booyah
52. Avicii vs Nicky Romero – I Could Be The One (Nicktim)
53. Krewella – Alive
54. Teaser Outro

  • drumaction

    Holly sHITS

  • Campbell Kariuki

    dope ish… you are from the future

  • mats

    yea babyyyyyyyyyyyy , you R the best!

  • manuel

    any updates?

    • Nope, next update = 26.12.2013

      • moises

        I can not see the video, is blocked to see it in Mexico?

  • Lennon

    nice work man

  • gllamas

    I wait every year for the yearmix since 2011!! And this looks amazing as well!! Great work, cheers from Mexico!!

  • Buddy

    Hey man ! You did really good job. Good luck with new video’s !

  • tonny

    nice work waiting for!!

  • Denis Kamenok

    Waiting, waiting, WAITING!!!!!!!!

  • I’m waiting for the content to hit Usenet so I can distribute it and the awesomeness of its construction to some private trackers. Since 2011, these are some “cream of the cream” yearmixes, and I love sharing them with others that value the vastly superior values of construction. If others aren’t paying for the quality of construction (as a profession), then more than one person is lacking for that oversight.

  • Jožo Demovič

    Waiting from Slovakia too 🙂 (Can’t wait …)

  • Jacus Placus

    Cant wait. Your Year mixes are the best! Hands Down. See what 2013 edit will bring.

  • Daniel Diplay

    I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!! My birthday is 26.12, it will be my gift! 😉

  • Jerome

    Hurry up, hurry up !!!!!

  • Robert

    Waiting impatiently……….

  • burrito

    esperando el nuevo videomix.. saludos desde chile!

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    Come on!

  • Andres

    12hs!! untill release? come on!! from argentina

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  • Jasmine

    Expect so BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From China

  • Guys, I really got bad news. This morning I finished the video yearmix. The only thing I needed to to was render the video. About 11 am my harddrive crashed and died. No recovery possible.

    I have made a backup of all the source files about 4 days ago. The last 4 days I really worked my ass of to finish this mix in time for you guys. I skipped all my Christmas plans and worked about 19 hours a day to give you the Christmas present you are all waiting for. Unfortunately I can’t right now.

    This means I have to get all the source files back and than re-continu mixing the files. This will at least take about 2 weeks. That means, there will not be a video yearmix before 2014.

    I’m really sorry I have to disappoint you. I’m really devastated.

    Tonight I will show the backup-mix in Café de Verdieping as promised to the visitors, but I won’t upload the unfinished mix.

    I’m really devastated by this news, and hope you’ll understand that the 1000+ hours I put into it every year, are for fun and to entertain you. Not for business.

    When the mix is finished, I will put it online as soon as possible in 2014.

    Despite the bad news, I wish you the best.

    • Jasmine

      Sorry to hear that. It really shocked me! But I will still look forward to your excellent Yearmix. You’ve got so many Chinese fans and they are waiting for your video.
      ALWAYS remember to have a backup.
      Good luck to you in the next 1000+ hours and wish you a happy new year.
      Jasmine Hu from China.

    • KKKKKK

      what a pity,but i want say thank u anyway

    • Ilyass

      Noooooooo :'(

    • Presjch

      There is a saying goes in China “the road to happiness full of hardships”.

      • Jasmine


  • ZeeBee

    Man this really sucks. The same happened to DJ Don Diablo a few weeks ago. Maybe Apple should invest in better quality hard drives! TIP: Use SuperDuper to automatically backup to external HD. Wish you a nice Christmas.

  • VIVA

    In fact, today is April Fool’s day?

    • Aaron Li

      chill man. he is doing his best

  • Aaron Li

    oh. man. this is really sucks. I waited for a long time for this

  • danomanion

    Mega Bummer. That totally sucks. Murphy is an asshole.

  • Nasca Sebastian

    how we can help you Bro? what kind of hdd did you used?

  • LiNkInBlAcK 

    ooo que malas noticas, bueno esperaremos mas adelante, saludos

  • Owen Liu

    cool bro. another 2 weeks to wait is not a big deal for the best YearMix ever. Since the 2011YMx I have been so addicted by ur work! Man! played thousand times!u r the BEST! Wish u and ur Family a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Stay cool

  • Gonzalo A. Norambuena Norambue

    do not worry, we understand perfectly, hopefully have early solution to this problem, you listen to one of the most brilliant mixes from 2011 … I wish you well in this new year 2014 and wait two weeks to hear yearmix 2013 … success … greetings from Chile … and happy new year for you and your family!

  • jacus placus

    Don’t worry BB. I have patiently waited till now, can wait a few more. Sorry to hear your hdd crashed.I had mine o twice. I totally understand. Keep up the good work, and Merry Christmas

  • Tonny

    The road to happiness is strewn with setbacks。

  • Stefan

    Thank you for all your work and effort you’re putting in this!
    Hang in there, you’re doing an awesome job mate.

    In the meantime we’re just getting more and more anxious to see the final result =)

    Greetings from germany,
    Cheers Stefan

  • jeroen

    NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…………………… Dat is kut…maar niks aan te doen.. Elk jaar gebruik ik je video yearmix tijdens de cyclingles op het einde van het jaar.. Hoeveel klanten ik al heb doorverwezen naar je site…leerlingen die me op school vragen naar die coole mix… Vorige week nog eens yearmix 2012 gebruikt met de aankondiging van komend weekend yearmix 2013 te gebruiken… BUMMER!!! Ik zal ze je teaser al laten zien 😉 !!! Hou de moed er in, pak je tijd en verbaas ons weer met een geweldig jaaroverzicht !!! Groeten van Jeroen uit België

  • La Pietra

    What a shame! we waiting a long time for your work men,we play all the time here in La Pietra we still waiting for the final job! Saludos!

  • Raymond Lee

    Cheer up man !! your all works are amazing !! I am still
    looking forward your great job!!

  • Dave

    Shit happens … have a nice start in 2014 AND take a backup next time 😉


    it sucks man :((((

  • RvP

    Dat is mooi kl*te voor je! Had er naar uit gekeken. Nog maar even wachten dan! Succes!! Ben benieuwd naar het resultaat

  • $tranger

    Balen! Veel succes en laat je niet gek maken 🙂


    Boy Bruynzeel – I just found the issue happened to your HDD… I was searching for your mix the same as I was last year as we are all leaving tonight for New Year’s Eve and wanted to bring you with me as your Video Mix is always huge fun to play and dance on. I’m sorry to hear bad news, but don”t worry will keep waiting until you finished in 2014. All the best to you too man and thanks for all your efforts!

  • Thank you guys for all the positive comments! This keeps me motivated!

  • Batoishere

    Will wait with bated breath BB, I wish you all the very best for the New Year friend!

  • lonelyscott

    Support from China! Really shocke to hear a failed HDD, wonderful remix. Cheer up boy!

  • jiraiya

    aaaaaaaalllllllllllllll my respect man , youu’re the best

  • jiraiya

    we’re still waaaiting

  • My mailbox is exploding with messages like “when is the mix coming?” and “any news?” or “can I fix your disk?”. So hereby an update:

    The harddisk that has been crashed can not be recovered. The hardware failed and some files have been recovered, but the important ones are gone.

    I’m working on the mix again, but I don’t have a lot of time. I have a fulltime job and only can work on it in evenings and weekends.

    There is a lot that needs to be recovered. It’s not only the mix, but also all the source files like: video’s, edits, instrumentals, acapella’s etc.

    I don’t know how much time it will cost, but I also don’t want to rush into things, because that infects the creativity. That means I cannot tell when it will be finished. As soon as possible, that’s for sure!

    If you have any other questions, please comment below.


    • abdgod

      Good luck…. We will wait until 2015 🙂

  • Joel! Cheap and I know it can’t undo whats been done but maybe give peace of mind for the future. Maybe someone could buy it as a gift?!

  • Guest

    Boy, you’ve got my e-mail address, my neighbours are: “Seagate Emergency Recovery – Schiphol-Rijk”, they do amazing stuff with recovering crashed hard drives.
    If you want, I can be of assistence to you, with recovering data on a very professional level. (normally such a job can cost you you thousends of Euro’s).
    Do you need the crashed hard drive to be recovered? (they do all brands / models)

    Also: With failed hardware, Seagate SER Team, takes out the disk platters from your drive, and put them in an emulator housing, to recover data. Seagate SER is the best in the world in doing their job. Just give me a shout.

    • Thank you for all the effort you’re willing to take, but unfortunately I don’t have de disk anymore. I have bought a new backup solution but that won’t recover my old work. Like I said, I will be working on the recovery, but all I need is time. Cheers!

      • Guest

        Okay, I Respect you choice, but… next time, Seagate Emergency Recovery Team is THE most professional team on earth to do recovery of lost or damaged data. The most largest and biggest enterprises send their ‘hard disks’ and ‘Flash ROM’s’ to this team, they even do work for: NSA / CIA / FBI !!!!
        Just letting you know that you’re not alone when times are getting difficult… 😉

        • Thanks again. I really appreciate all the effort!

  • jiraiya

    man good luck , we’re still here waiting for your mix, so hurry up but don’t give us some unfinished work, you’re mixes are very creative, we support you, so take all of your time and make a hell of mix

    a big fan from Morocco

  • Roman

    Realy the only one yearmix that i wait for is yours, i’m not the one who can donate your work, coz i actualy have no money (bad life conditions) but i realy hope you will not forget about mix, sometimes music help me to relax and forget all bad things going around, but when i listen to your mixes it’s not only about relaxing thing… i just dance! Your mixes make me realy happy, TY!

  • Jacus Placus

    Hope all is good in Your parts of the world. Ill keep checking back. Really terrible what happened. Ive been there before, and feel your pain. Keep up the good work.

  • Nasca Sebastian

    Hello. When you estimate you will finish the mix? Thank you 🙂

  • 小团团

    From the China supporters, I hope you work smoothly.

  • Valmont

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. Best regards from your fan´s at Germany. Your work is phenomenally!!!



  • Odessa

    Respect and support from Ukraine!

  • susoa

    Support and greetings from Slovakia. Checking your page everyday. Hope you will finish soon.

  • Gulliver

    Best video remix since TMF mixes are no more. Keep up the work! You are awesome

  • Kvzonhall

    Support and gretings from Chile, your work is amazing, i apreciate the effort.

  • Amazing

    I have big respect of your work ! Your work is amazing and i like it. My Family and i wait of the yearmix, we are so happy when it come out :), Good luck.
    Greetings from Germany 🙂

  • conceptdvd

    Hello everybody, If you want to help boy Bruynzeel, I think that going to the “DONATE” section is a good idea !
    15, 10, 100€ … or more, that’s what we do.

  • laogong

    i want the finished section of the 2013,where to download?

    • NoName

      Please read the part after “IMPORTANT! Guys, I really got bad news.” at the beginning of the page. It’s not out yet.

  • Koen


  • wb

    Heel veel succes, wacht nog steeds met smart, ongeveer hoe ver ben je?

    • wb

      oh, zag net je FB bericht.nvm

  • viva

    你好。 我非常期待在我们中国的春节可以欣赏到你的视频2013。祝你好运

    • [CHN]Jasmine


      • HST


        • [CHN]Jasmine


      • CHN

        R U sure? 射手网上的字幕是你上传的么? 2011年那期还做的真不错 ass带高级特效的 上下两个字幕 歌名加歌词 真的非常棒 2012年的怎么找不到 麻烦上传分享下哈~~辛苦

      • KentFarm

        发现2011年那个,kesha那首《we are who we are》歌词有些不太全啊,还有几首暂时忘了,不过真挺好的,多谢啦,期待boy的作品和你的字幕

  • 名字


    • [CHN]Jasmine


  • CHN

    What a pitty! That’s the worst thing I’ve heard recently. I searched the yearmix 2013 on but no results. So I got here seeing this bad news. I’m really looking forward to watch this magnificent mashup remix. Wish you the best! Thanks for your great works of last two years. I’m a Chinese fan of you.-)

    • 小团团


  • [CHN]Jasmine

    Like I said, you’ve got so many Chinese fans right here. No matter what time you launched your excellent video mix, we’ll be waiting.

  • 9lz1

    I’ve been waiting and waitng. But i know it’s worth it! I made a donation, and hope others will to.

    Could you make a log or something to keep us fans updated? Every day i visit the video yearmix 2013, and i still get sad when i read “bad news”.


  • Jesus Vazquez

    Por favooooor ya saca algoooo! nos tienes en ascuas,es demasiada la espera!

  • viva


  • Valmont

    R.I.P boybrunzeel

    • 9lz1

      No way?

      • No, don’t worry 🙂

        • Jesus Vazquez

          he’s alive,he’s aliveeee!!

  • By the way, I don’t understand Chinese. English and love are my languages!

    • Joncey

      They said came here everyday to waiting for your yearmix.Me too.And Chinese fans hope the mix would be finished before the Chinese Spring Festival.But it had passed.Anyway,We are waiting ,We expect for it.

    • [CHN]Jasmine

      Doesn’t matter if you don’t understand this language, because music is our common language. They are blessing you in Chinese, anyway ^_^. 加油(Jia You, fighting)!

  • Julio Cesar Villanueva Garcia

    Please don´t make us wait for so long. Your mixing is awesome!

  • yyyu

    we are waiting so long!!!!! guys!!

  • BruynzellFan

    Just want to say: You Are Awesome!
    I love your yearmix and i will love your future yearmix. Really looking forward to hear it! 🙂

  • I get a lot of messages these days about the yearmix. For everyone who’s wondering, I made a Q&A with the most common Q’s. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. Btw, I appreciate the patience you all have.

    Q: When can we expect the yearmix?
    A: I don’t know yet. I’m making progress, but there is a lot of recovery and I don’t have that much time I usually have in november/december when the most work of the mix is done. I’m working as much as possible on it, but I can’t tell when exactly it is done. When I have a date, I will give it to you asap!

    Q: My birthday is coming / I need your mix because I’m trowing a party. Can you please give me your mix?
    A: I’m sorry, but I’m not publishing the mix before it’s done.

    Q: Can you make the mix 2 hours because you keep us waiting?
    A: Creating a one hour mix is quite a challenge at the moment, so 2 hours is mission impossible. Also the concept of the yearmix is 1 hour.

    Q: Why do you let us wait so long?
    A: Because of a technical failure, not because I want to. If it was up to me, you had the mix December 2013 and believe me, I’d rather be living my life right now than spending time on the recovery.

    Q: Can you give us the mix so far?
    A: No, it’s all about an one-hour-experience. Not a 40 minute experience.

    Q: Why does it take that much time to recover?
    A: I didn’t only lose my project files of Ableton, Premiere & After Effects, but also all the video’s and music. It is quite a search these days to recover all the edits, instrumentals & acapella’s.


    • 9lz1

      does people really ask thoose kind of questions? Lol
      “Why don’t you just cancel all you other plans in your life this this year so we can get the yearmix?” no more trust in mankind ;P

  • bimbojimbo

    i love pizza

  • Daniel

    Hi Boy,

    Wanted to add my 2 cents here:

    First of all, shit is FUBAR. Not only the fact that your drive crashed without a fair chance on recovery, but also the time you lost + new time you need to invest in it all.

    I think most of the folks really understand the hazzle to get a new mix up and running. Meanwhile, imo it would be a great idea if you are able to share some awesome mixxes from other talented folks out there, since you probably know some.

    Either way, good luck with finding time to complete the yearmix, and imo, you can add some of this year already released tracks if it makes life easier 🙂



    p.s. For any help on website related stuff contact me at twitter @danielofzo

    • Hi Daniel, thanks for your support! No help needed at the moment, but thanks for the offer!
      Ps. your Twitter name @danielofzo can’t be found.

      • Daniel

        sorry, thats @daanofzo 😉

  • [CHN]Jasmine

    Easy, Boy. Just don’t take it into your mind if someone is sh**ting on your hard works.
    We know there will be a long time ’cause this deserves.

    Love & Cheers,

    BTW, I would still make a sub for your yearmix as usual, and that is NOT for commercial use.
    If you don’t want me to, just lemme know (via my email).

    • Hello Jasmine, I’m calm 🙂 No worries.
      No problem with the subs, as they are individual files.
      Btw, do people really want subtitles? Never came up to me.

      • [CHN]Jasmine

        Good, I see.
        maybe it sounds weird.. but if you watch a Chinese MV or movie, a subtile or Chinese-English dual sub is a must-have. It would be strange without subtitle, maybe that’s the way why many people need it.

        Best wishes to you & ur up coming art.

        • Allright, thanks!

        • Guest

          Is there a way to put subtitles on with a on/off switch, similar to youtube?
          I would not prefer subtitels, but if you have a lot of fans in parts of the world who does not speak english, it’s not a dumb idea 😉

  • RoxaNie3

    ooooh this will be really great! I cant wait! 🙂

  • musicjunky

    Thanks for the Q&A, hope the mix is coming soon. Wish u the best.

  • CN-yy


  • huangjinke

    什么时候好啊啊啊啊啊啊啊 !!!

  • Albert Mukiria

    we appreciate the lovely blend of music. don’t worry about the setbacks. we will wait patiently for the mixxx. appreciate your good work..

  • 小团团


  • Tobi

    Hi mate, i really appreciate your work and I am more than just interested in the yearmix 2013. Your last update is now more than 2 months ago and I think there are many many people waiting for the mix as they love your work.

    Are you able to give us another update on your work? Maybe, three months after the original release date you might be able to have a rough idea how long you will need to finish the mix completely?

    Your answer is much appreciated. Many thanks & regards from Germany. 🙂

  • your mu JJ


  • l___cf


  • Dennis Angelo

    Waiting for update on yearmix 2013.many regards from Kenya

  • 皓阳 鲁

    亲 要到四月份?

  • Arjan

    thanks for the update!

  • Makros

    Gracias maestro por dar señales de vida, creo que nuestra espera será recompensada…a la distancia un abrazo y buenas vibras para que sigas trabajando.

  • kentfarm

    seems like one more month at least

    • laogong


  • HDC


  • HDC


    • [CHN]Jasmine

      Be polite, Nerd.

      • HDC


        • Try English instead and play nice.

          • Senior

            I`M JAPANESE,dumbass!!!

        • Mario


    • l___cf


    • 黄先森



    Q:We only have YEARMIX 2014? Or that we can still expect YEARMIX 2013?

    • As mentioned above I’m working on the 2013 recovery and after that I will focus on the 2014 mix.

      • REEVES

        First,Thank you so much for your reply. And I have YEARMIX2012 enjoy at least a hundred times over! anyway,I’ve been impatient, but I will continue to look forward to your creations~ by the way, your creations is very popular in China! I wish you a speedy completion of Your creations!

  • Dennis

    You are the Best! We wait here in Germany ( Frankfurt/Main ) on the Yearmix 2013! I look every Day! Can you say when its finished???

  • Ameron

    Dude, all F&#$ing Ukraine waiting for ur OWESOME mix. It`s like an anthem for our poolhome party`s =) WE listened a 1000 times ur 11,12 mixes =)
    Say how long we will listen ur /11 /12 mixes? When going to be 13 =) at least say 13610 month?!


    i know why it crashed, the quallity of the songs of 2013 where not so good.
    i can understand that boy good luck with the recovery (lol) still like the 2011 much beter than the 2012
    keep up the good work

  • Brian Hemelt

    thanks 4 the update Boy! kijk er erg naar uit!

  • triangler

    where is the video? i can’t find it +_+

  • Dat Messed-up Negro

    Dear Gawd !!!!
    I just watched all your videos in a straight line! Eyes hurt like crazy!

    Can NOT wait for Yearmix 2013!!! (froths at mouth)

  • Sjaak

    Is this site still owned by BB and not hacked, no is it a scam to donate or real?

  • 皓阳 鲁

    thank you for your work

  • belgium rules !

    je bent heel goed maar spijtig dat het er niet van komt

  • zykedoo

    Don’t be discouraged, come on!!! ——————–From the Chinese fans

  • Rhino

    Just wanted to say Thank You for all your hard work !!! Much appreicated and can’t wait for the ’12 mix !!!! Much love from South Africa.

    • Rhino

      Sorry, ’13 😛

  • wesson

    hello, personnaly I’d prefer the whole mix finished. Don’t worry about the delay, it’s not that important.

  • Xiaoyu Zhang

    I am really looking forward your whole year remix. I love it soooooo much. Dont worry the delay, qw can wait!

  • Dennis Angelo

    Since its well into the year,do us a favour and combine it with yearmix 2014

  • James

    come on!I’m very expecting yearmix 2013 and yearmix 2014.I’can wait!

  • hzy_swanfly


  • Kris

    hey Mahn! the waiting is killing us

  • Nanu

    Waiting for your amazing miracle~

  • FF

    i’ve waited for it for a long long time.
    you know your last 2 works were my favorite music,i play them million times when i’s really enjoyable

    • Senior


    • Roman

      sweet 😀

  • BallsDeep

    Since 2013 mix is not done. I hope no one is expecting a 2014 mix.

  • LuxN

    Got News? Any update?

  • wesson

    for those who can’t wait: POP DANTHOLOGY – 68 songs mashup in 5 minutes, and pretty talented too.

  • jnco

    So you wait for a good hard

  • arjan

    any news Boy? been a while since the last update.

  • Rhino

    No news ???

  • Jim Jones

    So how many people actually donated?

    Sorry for my sarcasm, but even my laziest employees will be able to make up 2-4 weeks of work in 9 months. Stop dreaming about yearmix people.

  • l___cf

    Kind of disappointed ,but you don`t own us anything.After all you just do it for fun ,so I will try my best to stop checking this page.And guys stop complaining.

  • Kitten

    Nah, no one is complaining. Just being realistic. I love his yearmixes, and I am also dissapointed that it is not available while we are now in September. Everyone has some freetime, it doesn’t mean someone has to sit for 10 hours a day to finish a yearmix. If only would be an hour or two, not each day, but when having some time. This could have been available much sooner. It is almost October and that is the month when most of the yearmixers start preparations for releasing a 2014 yearmix. So it is sad to see the ‘coming soon’ intro pic still after nine months.

  • Roman

    my mp3player and my ears need that yearmix… guess where i come everytime checking with hope…? yeap, and always here the same text message =(

  • aixle


    • WAVE


  • waiting ……

    toujours rien faut donner les methodes a d autre pour qu ils le fassent a votre place cela fait neuf mois d attente pour ce yearmix que nous aimons tant !! en plus il y a toujours l intro sur le site ??

  • aixle


  • Martin Lazdovskis

    You are soooooooooo talented to do this kinda stuff.
    Why you are not doing this for living?

  • Martin Lazdovskis

    You could definitely be SOMEONE to whom other yearmixers and DJ’s can look up to/

  • DJ Dion

    Too bad for the yearmix 2013 and even worse that we will not be having one for 2014 but being a DJ myself I totally understand. Good luck with your new house and will be waiting for 2015. In the mean time guys you can check this site out for remixes

  • hashim mango

    Man you can do it…your just amazing…please just make the yearmix 2013…and 2014 too…just take your time and make both of them…2013 and 2014 both..take your time…

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  • khmummel

    Your new date has again not worked.
    A blank Forecast like all the others.

  • Neo

    Hi Man, wish You good luck with mix. Still waiting 🙂

    • Whatever

      You’re waiting till 2016 for a 2013 yearmix?

  • well we know now

    well BB must be busy with all that donation money he received to make this mix, but bought a house instead. What a fraud!

    • Yes, I’ve bought myself 16 new Lamborgini’s, 5 villa’s near to the beach, a helicopter and bunch of I don’t give a shit.

  • Xfiles

    I don’t know.. But this has been just a waste of time…

    if there was a back up of sourcefiles, ( and especially the file that determines where all the videoclips etc should be in this mix ) this mix could have been finished easily in January 2014 ( as the very first announcement said it would ) in my opinion. I can’t imagine this had to take a full year to recover. Would have been better to tell that this 2013 yearmix was skipped in the first place Would have been a dissapointment, but atleast something that could have saved all the hassle and trouble getting comments that he recieved.

    It is understandable that 2014 yearmix won’t happen, that is a dissapointment that everyone can fully understand. But why kept on saying that 2013 was still in the works and it got pushed forward and forward to where we almost are, in 2015!!??

    Yea, I am not a yearmixer, so probably I have no rights to speak about it. But I can’t say that other DJ’s that do this should look up to this. This is what I would say the “death stab to a DJ” to what is a hobby in the first place. The saying goes, if a check can’t be cashed in, don’t write one out.

    Sorry Boy, you were an amazing video yearmixer, but you threw that out in the “garbage can” by saying a lot of times when the mix would be finished. And yea, I am not crying about it, you should have seen this as something to be proud of. Many people do love your hard work, but it is sad you used promises that ruined your reputation. It was better not to invest in this yearmix anymore.

    In a few days, other yearmixers will release their 2014 yearmix. This recovery of 2013, was not needed if it would take a year to do it. In music terms, this yearmix is already old. Sorry, but that is just the truth.

    • jet

      youre so rude.

    • 1. It could have finished in january if I had the time, which I had not.

      2. It would have been better to skip it with the knowledge of today. Things have happened. It’s way to easy to judge afterwards when unexpected things have happened.

      3. You’re referring to “other DJ’s”, but have you even considered I’m not a fulltime DJ, but just a employee at an IT company who likes spending his free time on music?

      4. The only thing I’ve thrown in the “garbage can” is the faith of people who are making shitty comments like this. To be honest, I don’t care. I’m doing this for fun and for the people who actually do care. Not for the people who are kicking people down afterwards.

      5. You said is was better to not invest in the yearmix anymore, but 1 year after due date people still love it:

      That’s why I’m in, not for my so called reputation. I love to give people a smile on their faces.

      6. If you think I’ve lost my so called reputation, why did you bother writing this letter to me? I think we all know 🙂

    • aixle

      Wish you the best christmas and a peaceful 2015 too.

  • itsanotme itsame

    its not about hate……………………………. its about earning respect by admitting defeat. Merry Christmas. You are talented no matter how much time you waste!!!!!!. Love. PLUR. craycray5k

  • Raymond Zhang

    Wh……….What?! It can’t be true! I’ve wait Yearmix 2013 for a whole year and finally got nothing! It must be kidding ! What A FRAUD!You are wasting your reputation! You dropped 2013 and skiped 2014 !!! What The Hell!!!!!!!!!!Why you still struggling recover it?! It ought to be give up recovering and devoting yourself to 2014.Or maybe you can make “The Video Yearmix 2013/14” SOOOOOOOOOOO DISAPPOINTED!You are a great yearmixer,even in long year mix!I’ve been a supporter of you!But NOW it’s hard to say if I will STILL your SUPPORTER.Philizz Media do the same thing as you do,why I still waiting 4 your work?!I am so foolish!

    • 1. You got 40 minutes of yearmix 2013
      2. I’m wasting my reputation for people like you, but I don’t think I care.
      3. I’m struggling because it’s a hobby, not my fulltime job and I do have a life. Things can happen.
      4. Philliz does not do the same thing.

      • Raymond Zhang

        first, let me apologise for my inappropriate word, cause I reply it when I first saw it, my brain out of control that time.Sorry for that.

        1.Glad to see yearmix 2013 “again”, it comforts me a bit,though it can’t replace the absence of yearmix 2014.
        2.okay,I can’t comment on it anymore.
        3.What I mean is that you can mix 2013 and 2014 to “recover” the 2013.Instead of struggling recover the full yearmix 2013.And let it be full version might let yourself relax.[To me , if the artwork made by me is unfinished,I will be very anxious.][In fact, I am running a music Podcast]
        4.Okay,I mean Philliz also make the yearmix over 30 minutes.
        Anyway,2015 is coming ,wishing everything is well.Happy new year.

        I will still be one of your supporter.

        • Bob

          The sooner you realize you are an international Dj with a huge fan base that respects you,its when you will realize your reputation matters.Mob Love From Kenya

          • Raymond Zhang

            Are you talking to me?Well ,in fact I haven’t a huge fan base cause my podcast isn’t so famous.And running it isn’t my fulltime job ,I’m a student.

  • jet

    I was so glad to will not keep waiting for you, whatever, you’re amazing mixer, badthings are not easy to say, you did the awesome jod before, and no one have rights to judge you. Do what you want for your pleasure! and happy new year 2015. I will keep my eyes on you.

  • Mn_1

    One word : MAGIC!

    Many thanks for the hard work you’ve done!

    (So sad that you coudn’t make a Yearmix 2014…)

  • Andrew

    U are the Best !!!

  • Scrappisiouscoco

    love the mix it was worth waiting for…. hope you will be back soon. i can’t see the download button

  • Scrappisiouscoco

    oh sorry i found it thank you

  • Andres

    Damn you got it, even if not finished this yearmix is AWESOME second to second, i wish you the best and keep up positive

  • Ro

    Make it the best in 2015 ….keep it up

  • Locki

    thank you so much !!! i hop u have a nice and happy christmas and i wish you a happy new year !!!!

  • Jens Weber

    Very Great Job!!! Thx from Germay!!!

  • Vincent Ting

    Sad news that there won’t gonna be a 2014 yearmix. But thank you for your best mixes! Thx from China!

  • aixle

    thank you

  • Xiaoyu Zhang

    thanks alot

  • jonni

    great video mix an good quality…thanks frm Kenya

  • wesson

    I assume that you realize your video/audio mixing skills are *unique* – afaik there is no equivalent in quality on the whole internet. Sad that you no longer have the time, but hey, that’s life. Wish you the best for 2015

  • Gyula Rasztovich

    Hey Boy, please keep up the good work. Your yearmixes are awesome, so don’t you dare telling us – your fans – that there will be no more 😉 We all love those videomixes, those are the best partystarter mixes anytime. Okkhay, I see you have plenty of jobs and private issues, but understand that you are the best video-dj and the world is simply needs you. You know, saving whales and worldpeace are shit… but presenting quality music, that’s what can save the world. Yes, you’re a heroe: your efforts for entertaining people without earning a single eurocent makes you definitely tougher than any official dj.
    Thanks for yearmixes ’11, ’12, ’13, wish you peaceful 2015 and looking forward for your next showups. Maxirespect.

  • Owen Liu

    thank you thank you thank you .better later than never, right. Wish u and your familien alllll the best. guck luck with your new House.

  • a8962100

    Come on! The boy! No matter what others say! You are the best! Look forward to your 2015! You have a lot of fans in Chinese! Come on!

  • bmb

    you are a great dj and the way you mix the tracks is your loyal fan. i will still wait for your video mixx in the future. you are the best.writing from QATAR,DOHA

  • Роман

    Спасибо! Очень круто!

  • Watchout233

    The Video Yearmix 2013.mp3
    you know what im talking about

  • Jones

    “This video does not exist” ….wtf :/ whats up?!
    I think its time for a new Yeramix 😉

  • 柯荣沛

    I want The Video Yearmix 2014 and The Video Yearmix 2015 !!!


    You are the best.

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    I wish there was more year-mix videos from Boy Bruynzeel every new year.
    you guy are the best.
    how about you surprise your best fans with a new one sometime soon? (Just suggesting)

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